Transform Stockholm into a Bike City

Join in, Bike Lovers! Young and Old, Slow or Fast, Champ or Newbie. One, two or many wheels… Everybody are welcome, on any Vehicle, as long as it’s Muscle-powered!

The 22th of September at 14:00 hrs, 2019 we have the opportunity to ride together, thru streets and squares, and transform our beautiful Stockholm into a Bike City!

Should You need a Bike there’s a bike-fleamarket from 11:00 hrs at Norrbro. Cykelköket Solna will provide as many as possible

The Bike Carnival event starts 11:00 hrs at Norrbro with activities for children, DIY bike repair and the bike flea-market

The Bike Ride starts at 14:00 hrs from Norrbro – se Route Map below – and rounds up at the same place approx 15.30 hrs. There the Event will upshift; with Attractions like Trick Bike shows, Live Carnival Music on stage, and Food Bikes. There will also be opportunities to meet Bike-riding, Politicians, Bike-book authors, bloggers, Bikeheads and many more..

Brief report from last years Bike Carnival here. Almost 700-100 persons participated then. This year – when the Bike Carnival coincides with the Car-Free-Day (”Bilfria Dagen”) in Stockholm City – the event will be a real Party Cracker! So let’s gather as many, as many as possible!

Some inspiration – see 10 000 Cyclists in Paris, Copenhagen, Turkey 3000 CyclistsBristol 600 Cyklists and Bologna. And – how Amsterdam got it’s Bike Paths

Do You and/or your Company/Organization want to join? – email

Karta över STHLM Cykelkarneval 2015, 19 september

Route Map for STHLM Bike Carnival 2019. Starting point is Norrbro right by the Royal Castle.


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